Navasota ISD Superintendent Reacts To Voters Rejecting Bond Package

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NAVASOTA - Navasota ISD Administrators are regrouping after voters turned down a big bond plan in Saturday's election.

Voters overwhelming rejected two bond proposals worth more than $61 million in total.

71 percent of voters (687 against and 280 for) decided against the first proposition of nearly $58 million that would have included improvements to parts of the high school that are now more than 40-years-old as well as renovations and additions to other campuses.

Proposition Two was also voted down which would have included improvements to the administration building and Brosig Auditorium.

For Proposition 2, 32 percent of voters were in favor while 68 percent against (311 for and 653 against.)

Superintendent Rory Gesch was thankful for everyone who participated in the process, but he was disappointed by the very low voter turnout.

"We have 3,000 students and we had 900 total votes. Regardless of the outcome the lack of that percentage being less than 10 % of the population, we really would have liked to have just seen a larger voter turnout in general. And I think that's not only in Navasota, I think that's across the country and across the area," said Gesch.

In the meantime, Navasota's Superintendent says they will use some of the limited funds they have available towards maintaining and improving facilities and will keep involving the community as they move forward.

In total 974 out of 9,028 registered district voters participated in the election, which is just under 11 percent.