Navasota Intermediate Teachers Told Contracts Won't Be Renewed

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NAVASOTA The entire staff of Navasota Intermediate School in the Grimes County town has been given notice that their contracts won't be renewed.

It's part of a state-mandated "reconstitution plan" because the school received an unsatisfactory accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency for a second year in a row.

The superintendent of the Navasota Independent School District says the intermediate school missed one of the indexes by a small amount.

It doesn't mean all teachers won't be back, although they have to re-apply for their jobs, or resign.

Some teachers are upset by the notices, and maybe a little uncertain about their careers, including 4th grade science and social studies teacher George West.

"And that's not a real good thing on a teacher's record, to have a non-renewal, but we were given the option to resign in lieu of that, which is a better choice for most teachers to not have that on their record."

Superintendent Rory Gesch says he believes some teachers will return.

"We do believe there are teachers that are valuable, working hard and doing the right thing for students on this campus and that many of them will be back on this campus, but the new principal will have the opportunity to make those determinations."

George West does plan to re-apply for his job.

The Navasota Intermediate School principal resigned because of the unsatisfactory accountability rating.

The school board at its March 5th meeting will discuss personnel issues, including hiring a new principal.