Navasota Man To Serve Time In Prison For Several College Station Aggravated Robberies

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BRYAN - A Navasota man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for his role in three aggravated robberies. Kesnick Jones, 23, pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon to three separate robberies that happened over a three day span last July.

Investigators say Jones along with suspect Karvin Steptoe, first robbed the Checkers convenience store in College Station on July 8th last year. Jones admitted to punching a store clerk and threatening to kill him and another customer before stealing money from both men.

They next day, Jones reportedly told officials the pair then robbed two men after purchasing marijuana from another person at a College Station house. According to the College Station Police Department, they threatened the victims with several firearms and then stole drugs, money and shoes.

Jones says he committed the third aggravated robbery the following day at the Max Express Shell off of Southwest Parkway in College Station. Officials say Jones was waiting in the getaway car when Steptoe allegedly went into the store and discharged his firearm while stealing the money.

During the time of this robbery, police had already surrounded the area and had Jones in custody when Steptoe allegedly ran out of the store and got into the getaway car, nearly running Jones over in the process. Steptoe was later apprehended in Navasota.

According to the Brazos County District Attorney's office, Jones must serve at least half of his sentence before he becomes eligible for parole. Steptoe's cases are still pending.