Navasota River Hits Flood Stage Following Heavy Rains

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THE NAVASOTA RIVER, Brazos County, Texas As state officials worry about a lack of water, people along the Navasota River are worried about having too much of it.

Brazos, Grimes, and Madison Counties are all under a flood warning until midnight Tuesday night.

Some of the best evidence for the flooding could be seen Monday where the Navasota River has breached its banks.

It's a sight ranchers haven't seen in years.

The landscape along the Brazos and Madison County line is changing.

The waters of the Navasota River started rising last week above flood stage.

"Big Cedar Creek and Wickson Creek is down below me and that water will stack up with this water," said Rancher Clyde Williams.

He owns nearly 1200 acres just east of Edge in Brazos County south of OSR.

The waters are slowly falling but almost half his property has flooded.

"It don't hurt us as bad as it does a lot of people. We've got probably four miles of cross fences in this river bottom. This time of year when it starts raining we move the cattle out of some of those pastures that's got death traps in 'em and have them just out on this prairie. So they'll be easily brought up," Williams explained.

This soggy site is something Clyde Williams hasn't seen in more than five years. The Navasota River is up so much the normal bank is more than a mile behind where we stood, beyond a line of trees.

Upwards of ten inches of rain fell north of here last week filling Lake Limestone to full capacity, causing the Brazos River Authority to open the flood gates.

David Coates is a meteorologist at Texas A&M.

"It's likely that with a large degree of rainfall that we'll see large bumps in river discharge again. That's sort of the real risk right now seeing the river is still reasonably high. If we get a large amount of rainfall in the drainage basin it's really just going to get worse," said Coates.

"When it's coming in fast they've got to let it out fast," said Clyde Williams.

A lot of water very fast, making for a very muddy Monday for properties all along here.

At 9 A.M. Monday the Navasota River was about half a foot above flood stage near Normangee.