Navy Dad Back from Afghanistan Surprises Family

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BRYAN A Navy dad surprised his family at Brazos Christian School in Bryan Thursday by returning home from a tour in Afghanistan weeks early.

"This is the end of the journey and I'm just super excited," said Lieutenant Commander Alex Thomasson.

Thomasson had been serving in the Navy Reserves in Afghanistan since March. He decided to surprise his family by showing up at the school where his son, Sam, is a student and his wife, Tanya, works.

"I feel a little nervous. Not sure how they're going to react, but I'm really excited," said Thomasson.

It turns out Thomasson had nothing to worry about. His family had no idea he was coming, and he tells us the moment was even better than he imagined.

Brazos Christian also held an assembly to celebrate the family's reunion.

"You never know what the feeling is going to be when you get there, but it was really special," said Thomasson.

Thomasson is also an agricultural engineering professor at Texas A&M. He plans to stay in town until Sunday, then he has to go back to Norfolk, VA for a couple weeks.