Neighbor: Nieces Heard Loud Bang Night of Navasota Woman's Murder

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NAVASOTA, Texas - A Navasota woman says her family may have heard a gunshot the night her neighbor was found dead inside her home.

Melissa Rangel said her nieces were inside their room around 10:30 Sunday night, when they heard a loud bang.

"My nieces were terrified. They didn't know what the noise was," said Rangel.

Around 2 Monday morning, Rangel said she awoke to the sound of her barking dog. An angry, terrifying bark.

"He was going crazy. He was going insane," said Rangel. "like he was going after an animal or something."

Rangel said when she came outside, police were everywhere.

"They surrounded the whole house," said Rangel.

Rangel said she didn't get a bit of sleep the rest of the night.

"It's a crime that somebody needs to be caught for," said Rangel.

On Tuesday evening, the Grimes County District Attorney's office issued a warrant for the arrest of Armstrong's husband, Kelly Armstrong. His attorney said Armstrong will turn himself in at the Grimes County Jail on Wednesday.

As for Rangel, she said her quiet neighborhood has changed since the murder.

"It's not going to be the same," said Rangel.

The Grimes County District Attorney's office is waiting on results from an autopsy for a cause of Armstrong's death.