Neighbors, Friends React To Deaths of Noel Devin and Her Father Mac

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BRYAN, Texas Neighbors and friends are still reacting with shock to the news of two Texas A&M Former Students found dead after a Bryan House Fire Monday morning.

Noel Devin and her father Mac Devin were found inside her burned up home on Vinewood Drive.

And now we're learning more about the man police believe set the home on fire.

Dennis Wayne Brown is in jail for arson, burglary of a habitation, and unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

His bond is set at more than $1 million.

Thursday we found out from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice that in a prior 15 year stint in jail for a robbery, he was denied parole five times.

The fire broke out early Monday in the 2000 block of Vinewood Drive in Bryan and police say evidence shows it was started with fuel-soaked rags.

The bodies of 32-year-old Noel Devin, and her father, 63-year-old Thomas "Mac" Devin were discovered inside.

Later that day police tracked an SUV belonging to Noel Devin to a Bryan motel where investigators say they found Dennis Brown with the keys.

He was arrested.

It's been an active crime seen here all week and Bryan Fire Investigators were out once again searching for more evidence including things like DNA.

We're also learning more about Mac Devin who worked as a veterinarian in the cattle business.

Friends and colleagues tell us he had a great heart.

"My sister woke up earlier. She woke up with some kind of an explosion or bang or something," said Retired Brigadier General Joe Hanover, who has lived just across the street on Vinewood Drive since 1957.

Hanover woke up early Monday morning as flames shot out of his neighbor Noel Devin's house.

He spoke to Noel and her father often.

"Every time I'd pass by I'd roll the window down and speak to him. He was very cordial and the young lady I told her something one time about all the tickets she's having to deal with with sports at A&M. Both of them were very likable people, very good neighbors. It's an awful thing to happen anywhere," he said.

Noel Devin worked at the 12th Man Foundation Ticket Office and was Ticket Manager for Aggie Women's Basketball.

63-year-old Mac Devin was a Senior Professional Services Veterinarian with Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Pharmaceutical Company.

He lived in the College Station area and graduated from A&M's Vet School in 1989.

Flavio Rebeiro is a Research Scientist at Texas A&M Prairie View and knew Mac Devin for nearly six years.

"Dr. Devin was an amazing man. He had a great heart. He was always willing to help whoever needed help. He personally had helped me quite a bit. A few years ago I was going through a rough time and through his wisdom and his counseling if I may say counseling. By talking to him he really helped me to pull through," said Rebeiro, Ph.D.

Fire investigators have spent the last several days searching for any possible clues inside the house and you can see these piles of ashes they've already sifted through. This grid system helps them keep track of where they were found .

"Now we're just proceeding with the detail investigation trying to line out all the details of what happened," said Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

"Still lots of unanswered questions. I'll be interested to know when they do get them answered," said Joe Hanover.

We also asked police Thursday if their might have been a prior relationship between Noel Devin and the man accused of starting the fire Dennis Brown, but were told that it's all still being looked into.

Police are calling this an isolated incident.

No word yet on how Noel and her father died, and it may take time before that information will be made public.

The Bryan Police Department says that when Dennis Brown was arrested at the motel where he was staying, officers found multiple items belonging to Noel Devin.

Brown appeared before a Brazos County magistrate Thursday to face the additional charges of arson and burglary.