Neighbors Say No to New Blinn Campus

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A new Blinn College campus could be coming to College Station, but neighbors in the area are doing whatever it takes to stop that from happening.

If approved, the campus would be at what is now the Science Park Complex, just off Highway 6 between Emerald Parkway and Southwest.

Lynn Lawler lives in the nearby Emerald Forest Subdivision. She and others have started an online petition to try and persuade college officials to change their mind.

As of Friday, the petition was approaching 200 signatures.

Lawler said they don't want the added traffic, noise and student renters the college would bring to the area.

"This whole east side, which is residential neighborhoods, would be completely disrupted," said Lawler.

The group said there is a patch of land in Bryan across from Rudder High School that already has the infrastructure in place.

The Science Park location has a building and some parking ready to use. And since it was a science research facility, the building comes with around eight labs that would cost around $250,000 each to build from scratch.

Brazos Valley Campus President Sylvia McMullen said they're looking for a ready-made solution like the one at Science Park. The school could move about 1,200 students into the building by the Fall of 2015, with the possibility of moving in several more thousand a few years later.

McMullen said they're also working with the Texas Department of Transportation for traffic solutions in the area.

Residents News 3 spoke with said that's simply not enough.

"It's a neighborhood. There are children that need to sleep, and there are professionals that need to get rest," said Laura Anne Grymes, a resident of nearby Raintree subdivision.

"We want to make sure that we are always cognizant of keeping those family friendly neighborhoods in tact," said McMullen.

McMullen said they still have some time before they have to make a decision, and the board of trustees appreciates input from the public.

"They listen to input from residents, they listen to input from administration. They make decisions that are in the best interest of the institution and the students we serve," said McMullen. "So it is obviously something that obviously that our board would listen to."

Blinn College officials have until July 30 to make a decision.

The group against the new campus said they plan to bring their arguments and the petition to the next Blinn Board of Trustees meeting on June 17th.

For more information on the campaign against the new campus, click on the link added to this story.