Neighbors React to Pit Bull Attack that Left 1 Toddler Dead in Montgomery County

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Many questions remain unanswered surrounding the death of a one-year-old Montgomery County boy who was viciously attacked and killed by a Pit bull inside his grandparents’ home Saturday night.

"This is a very quiet neighborhood,” explained Magnolia resident Nettie Longoria.

Forty-eight hours ago it was anything but quiet on the 27000 block of Medina Circle in far west Montgomery County.

"Cops were everywhere. State Troopers were everywhere; it was just crazy," explained neighbor Shannon Hammons.

When police arrived Saturday night they found a one-year-old little boy brutally mauled by the family Pit bull.

"When deputies tried to control the dog, the dog turned and lunged at one of the deputies, so the deputies had to shoot and kill the dog inside the home," explained Montgomery Co Sheriff's Lt. Dan Norris Saturday night.

“We thought people were playing with firecrackers again because all my husband heard was, pop, pop, pop," added Longoria.

"We thought maybe it was an accidental shooting,” said Hammons. “We didn't know it was a dog that attacked a baby.”

Names have not been released, but police say the toddler recently moved in with his grandparents. It is unclear what prompted the deadly attack -- but the toddler was reportedly in bed at the time. His grandmother was not physically injured, but was taken to a local hospital for emotional trauma.

I've heard of dogs attacking children, but not here,” said Longoria. "We're very sad at the thought of a lost child, especially in our own neighborhood."

“I don't know why it would do that to the baby if it was sleeping,” questioned Hammons.

Shannon Hammons lives down the street and owns a Pit bull. While she says her dog Roscoe is smaller than the Pit bull involved in Saturday's attack, she tells News 3, regardless of the breed, she knows dogs are unpredictable.

“Roscoe has never shown aggression towards us, but if he ever were to bite any of us, we would take matters into our own hands,” Hammons said.

While questions remain unanswered - the tragedy is one these residents will never forget.

“This is a tragedy that pulls at the heart strings and we also have to remember that this pain that these people are feeling is more than anyone should have to bear,” said Longoria.

No word yet on whether criminal charges will be filed in this case. The investigation and evidence will be turned over to the District Attorney's Office.