Netanyahu Says Israel Will Hit Hamas Hard

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip- Violence is expected to intensify after the Islamic militant group Hamas rejected an Egyptian truce plan and instead unleashed more rocket barrages on Israel.

In an address aired live on TV, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that after Hamas' rejection of the truce, Israel had "no choice" but to respond more forcefully. He said "Hamas chose to continue fighting and will pay the price for that decision."

Israel resumed its heavy bombardment of Gaza on Tuesday.

The military is urging residents of northern and eastern Gaza to leave their homes by Wednesday morning, presumably a prelude to air strikes there.

Rocket fire killed an Israeli man Tuesday, the first Israeli fatality in eight days of fighting. In Gaza, Palestinian officials say 197 people have been killed and close to 1,500 wounded so far.

The Egyptian proposal, initially accepted by Israel, had been the first attempt to end the fighting.

Hamas doesn't consider Egypt's current rulers to be fair brokers after they deposed a government that was friendly to Hamas.