New 2013 Cotton Bowl Championship Shirts In The Brazos Valley

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Aggie gear is in high demand after Texas A&M beat Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl41 to13.

"This is just like the best, it's the most awesome thing in the world," said Bett Degeurin .

The Texas A&M football team are the Cotton Bowl Classic winners once again.

Fans already back in Aggieland, can't wait to get their hands on the new victory T-shirts.

"I have one for each family member, my husband and I and my youngest daughter. So were ready and I'm going to buy some more,"
said Degeurin.

Management at Aggieland Outfitters says the Cotton Bowl Championship T-shirts are very popular and expect for them to sell very quickly.

The clothing store ordered the T-shirts ahead of time and expected for A&M to win.

"We got here at 8:30 this morning. We've had people calling us since we opened. And we got the shirts in at 9:25 this morning and every since then we've been very busy," said Marissa Tamble.

Customers are coming in and stocking up on all things maroon.

Mary Herring is still fired up about the win last night.

"And it kept going and going and it was touch down after touch down and OU just didn't know what to do with us," said Herring.

"Well after the win last night the good thing was to come get the T-shirts this morning and I figured I would get here pretty soon because most of the Aggies are still out of town," said Raymond Gaylord.

And with Aggies coming back, the sales are expected to go up, just like their number of wins and number of fans.

Maroon U and Academy stores plan to sell their own championship T-shirts next week.