New A&M Yell Leader is a Doll...Literally

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One of America's toy institutions is now a part of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Yell Leaders.

The Barbie Collector website features many different collections of the classic dolls that children have played with for decades, but the 2013 University Barbie Collection features four dolls sporting the outfits of the students who spend their time on the sidelines of sporting events.

The Universities of Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee are the other three schools in the 2013 collection, each coming in Caucasian and African American versions. All but A&M's are Barbies. Ken is an Aggie.

The description given on the Barbie Collector website may not be the best when it comes to showing what Yell Leaders do considering they do not fly through the air or balance on top of each other:

"Rally round, Aggies! Ken® doll joins the Texas A&M cheer squad in a white jumpsuit and red athletic shoes with articulated arms ready to basket toss or build a pyramid. 'We're gonna beat you all to Chigaroogarem, rough, tough, real stuff, Texas A&M!'"

The doll sells for $24.95 at It notes A&M Ken was released on May 30, 2013.

Ken first hit the market courtesy of Mattel in 1961. Barbie was introduced in 1959.

The Yell Leader tradition at A&M dates back to 1907. There has never been a female yell leader elected.