New Allergy Pill Claims it Can Replace Allergy Shots

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COLLEGE STATION, TX - Allergy shots have been around for years, but now, there's a new way to put you out of your misery and it doesn't involve needles.

When we first met Violet Johnson, s was in the exact same spot she is every Friday morning.

"I'm here for my weekly allergy shot."

She's been dealing with the annoying symptoms for more than a decade.

"Itchy eyes, runny eyes, bloodshot red eyes, headaches."

Although it's far from her favorite part of the week, she keeps coming back to Allergy Associates in College Station because the shots are working.

"I find that I'm able to function much better now than i used to."

Allergy shots have been helping people just like violet function for the past 100 years, but now, there's another option.

Dr. Barry Paull with Allergy Associates says, "It just became available in the United States, approved by the FDA."

He's referring to Ragwitek, the newest breakthrough in the world of allergy medicine.

Since it is so new, though, it's not going to help everyone. Developers are working on more versions, but right now, it will only work for you if you're allergic to ragweed.

This new pill forces you to think ahead, so even if you're not allergic to anything out here now, if you are allergic to ragweed and want to be protected when Fall rolls around, you're running out of time.

Dr. Paull says, "We're talking you have to take it a minimum of three months in advance, so if you want to be protected from ragweed which is bad in the fall, you'll have to start now and carry it through the season."

Another heads up - unlike the allergy shot, which is once a week, this pill has to be taken once a day. It goes under our tongue and is dissolved. y

If you're willing to do that, though, the pill is proving effective for many, and for people like Violet who aren't a fan of needles, there's a big benefit.

Violet Johnson says, "That would save me the pain of having to get the shot. although I'm kind of used to it now. I just shut my eyes and take it. but anything to alleviate that pain, yes, I'll do it."

Dr. Paull cautions though, before starting this new allergy pill, make sure you're up for remembering to take it every single day, because that kind of commitment is nothing to sneeze at.