New Charges for Man Accused of Attacking Two College Station Women

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College Station- New charges for a man accused of attacking two College Station women last Friday, and police have released new details about one of those crimes.

Kenneth Wayne Connor, 24, has been charged with burglary of a habitation. That's in addition to an aggravated kidnapping charge he's already facing.

Connor reportedly attacked a 36-year-old woman jogging along Vienna Street at 6:20 a.m. last Friday and threatened her life. She fought back and he left.

Then at 12:44 p.m. police say he posed as a maintenance worker to get inside a 19-year-old woman's apartment in the 500 block of Southwest Parkway.

Investigators say they met with the woman who said that she had just arrived at her residence in the apartment complex when Connor knocked on her door. He reportedly announced that he was a maintenance worker with the apartment complex and was allowed inside. The woman reported that Connor was carrying a multi-meter for testing electrical circuits and he walked about the apartment and then asked for her assistance in the bathroom.

The woman allegedly told police that when she entered the bathroom Connor attacked her by wrapping the wires from the multi-meter around her neck strangling her. Investigators say Connor then forced the woman into the bedroom and continued the strangulation assault with his hands. This physical assault continued in the bedroom and bathroom, where she was reportedly thrown into the bathtub and the water was turned on.

The woman reported that during this assault, Connor was groping her body and ordering her to comply with his demands and threatening to kill her.

She was eventually able to get away and she fled on foot at which time she reportedly observed Connor leave her apartment.

She was then able to see him flee in a red Mazda and was able to obtain the license plate from the vehicle.

After obtaining the warrant, detectives were able to serve the warrant on him at the Brazos County Jail where he remains jailed. Bond for the new charges has been set at $250,000. His total bond is set at $500,000.