New College Station Hospital Staff Trains Before Opening

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COLLEGE STATION One month from this Friday, the new Scott & White Hospital in College Station will begin treating patients.

Wednesday, some of the hundreds of new staff members took part in training exercises. Using simulator mannequins that talk, breathe and even bleed, doctors and nurses tweeked their emergency response procedures.

"We get used to doing certain things in certain ways in our community, so to bring that brain power together is really great," said Cherie Sajewski, who is the director of quality and regulatory services at the new hospital. "It really is the best minds working together as one."

Your chance to take a look at what the new hospital has to offer comes this Saturday. An open house will run from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Scott & White Hospital-College Station is located at the southeast corner of Highway 6 and Rock Prairie Road.

Also, due to the hospital's opening, many people who have used Scott & White's services locally in the past may have to go to a new location. A website has been set up to help patients find the right place to go as the transition happens. It's at