New Details About Plot To Kill College Station Police Officer

Ronnie James Lott and Louisa Navarro
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BRYAN – News 3 has learned more about the plot to kill a College Station police officer, including why the family wants him dead.

As we first reported last night, Louisa Navarro and her son, Ronnie Lott, are accused of plotting to kill the police officer who arrested Louisa’s daughter, Stephanie.

Stephanie Navarro was arrested Friday on municipal warrants and for fleeing from police. According to the probable cause statement, a College Station police officer, who we’ve chosen not to identify, tried to pull over Navarro at Wellborn and F&B Road for expired insurance. When he ran her license plate through the DPS database, it showed her insurance expired on May 8.

Navarro kept going until she reached her house on Forrest Bend Drive in Bryan. Navarro told the officer she did not stop because she knew she would be arrested on outstanding warrants. She did not want her car towed, so she ignored the lights/siren and drove the 1.6 miles from Wellborn and F&B Road to her house.

Later that day, Louisa Navarro came to visit her daughter at the Brazos County jail. According to court documents obtained by News 3, she told Stephanie over the phone that she and Stephanie’s brother, Ronnie Lott, had already talked about shooting the arresting officer in the head. Louisa went on to say that she would blow his ears off. She hoped police were listening to the conversation and would send someone to her house because she would blow their eyes out.

Ten minutes into that same phone call, Louisa told her daughter the officer needed to be eliminated. They already knew where he went to church. Now all they needed to know is where he lives. She said she wanted to make sure he could not testify against Stephanie.

The next day, police say Lott confronted the officer at a church concert. The officer, who was there with his family, was standing outside the church talking to friends. He saw a Ford Crown Victoria and a Dodge pickup pull up. He says Lott got out of the passenger seat of the Crown Victoria, walked right up to him and asked if he was Officer (blank) with CSPD. Thinking on his feet, the officer said he did not know who that is and was able to convince Lott he had the wrong guy.

The officer, feeling threatened, left with his family. He then pulled up Stephanie Navarro’s Facebook page which he used to confirm the male who confronted him was indeed Lott.

On Sunday, a church member said Lott had asked him whether the officer was the same man he was looking for and whether he carried a gun to church.

The detective assigned to the case questioned Louisa Navarro about Lott’s actions. She denied knowing anything about the confrontation. But she did say family members were upset because they believe the arresting officer was targeting their family members.

Lott told the same detective, when asked about why he confronted the officer at church, that it was a free world, he can contact anyone he wanted, anywhere he wanted. He also said he’s not afraid of police.

Louisa Navarro and Lott were arrested the next day.