New High-Rise Could Replace Historic CS Landmark

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The College Station City Council passed a proposal Thursday that would allow the sale of a lot at Wellborn and Church Street to Asset Plus Realty. The property is where the original College Station City Hall, and now Café Eccell, is located.

The City of College Station has owned the 3.36 acre lot, known as the First Street Property, since the 1940's, according to city officials.

-The City Council proposal states that Asset Plus Realty Corporation, a Houston based company, would purchase the property for $3,555,000. The new development would cost an estimated $30,000,000. Construction would start within two years, and the project would have to be done by January 1st, 2016.

Café Eccell is the only structure currently on the property. City officials say building plans haven't been decided yet, but the historic landmark will most likely be torn down, then incorporated into the development as a new facility.

“The developers made a verbal commitment to the city that they would construct a monument or try to incorporate existing brick into the final product to commemorate the location of the original city hall,” said Randall Heye, Economic Development Analyst for the city.

The General Manager of Café Eccell told News 3 that they are in full support of the proposal, and they are already negotiating their new lease with the new owners.

Residents in the area say they would welcome the new high rise, but they aren't looking forward to the construction process.