New Highway 47 Overpass In Bryan To Open Wednesday

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BRYAN, TX It will soon be easier and faster for drivers to access the Bio-corridor area of Bryan-College Station

TxDOT will open up the new Highway 47 Overpass Wednesday afternoon.

To give you some perspective. that new section of road is in front of the Texas A&M Health Science Center on Highway 47.

That new design is expected to meet the needs of drivers in the area.

What you see is a major new look for the Biocorridor and along the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

TxDOT, The City of Bryan, College Station and Texas A&M have been wanting this bridge for years and will make travel through here safer.

The new bridge serves as an underpass with the main lanes of Highway 47 traveling overhead.

The new design allows for safer travel with drivers able to pass underneath away from oncoming traffic and this busy spot.

Bryan Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn says it brings a new look to a growing gateway.

"There's speeds and other things you know traffic coming down Highway 47. And so their commitment to do those first and foremost as a safety improvement was big. The other thing is really the gateway and aesthetics of coming into what's now the new growth corridor for Bryan / College Station," said Dunn.

The bridge was supposed to open Tuesday but has been delayed until Wednesday as striping gets started around 8:30 A.M.

The project is coming at a cost of $9.8 million and the road is expected to open to the public around 5 P.M.