More Homes, More People to Bryan, College Station

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Bryan, College Station is growing. And with new home construction on the rise, the end may not be in sight.

Nationwide, the numbers are up. Michael Anzaldua with Schaefer Custom Homes said the business boom has reached the Brazos Valley.

"There's more and more development coming, especially the south side of College Station," said Anzaldua.

In a good year, Anzaldua said his company will build about eight to ten homes, starting at around $500,000.

"Right now, it's been pretty consistent with having 12 houses going on," said Anzaldua. "At some points, we've had 15."

Anzaldua said as the area grows, it's becoming more attractive to home buyers.

"A&M keeps growing, more professionals are coming in," said Anzaldua.

The spike in construction business doesn't come without its problems. There's also an oil boom in the Brazos Valley, and like any company, both the oil and construction businesses need workers to survive. And it's the competition for those workers that's heating up.

"They're taking a lot of the people that had been working for these sub contractors, and they're going out and making a whole bunch of money there," said Anzaldua.

But Anzaldua says the good outweighs the bad, and he doesn't expect the boom to end anytime soon.