New NYC Mayor Pushing For Liberal Agenda, Raising Taxes

New York City Skyline Taken By Clay Falls in March 2011.
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NEW YORK NEW YORK (AP) - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) will be quickly unveiling an ambitious liberal legislative program that could fundamentally reshape the role of government in the nation's largest city.

He is propelled by a landslide election and the hopes of the Democratic Party, which has been out of power in the city for more than a generation.

He has begun pushing for sweeping changes on several fronts, from the care of the homeless to police conduct.

And he is trying to leverage his political capital into a proposal that would be unthinkable for most politicians: raising taxes.

One pundit says de Blasio is "not trying to move in small steps."

He wants to hike rates on the rich to fund universal prekindergarten, but he needs help from Albany.