New Procedure Has Brazos Valley Breathing Easier

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COLLEGE STATION - Many of us suffer from allergies and sinus problems, especially during the Spring.

People who suffer from chronic sinus congestion can breathe easier thanks to a simple procedure now offered in the Brazos Valley.

Steroids, antibiotics, decongestants, and even painkillers are familiar to the reported 35 million Americans that suffer from chronic sinus congestion.

"Sinus and allergy problems are really common in the Brazos Valley," said Dr. Ron Kuppersmith with Texas ENT and Allergy in College Station.

Dr. Kuppersmith offers his patients a way to ditch the meds and breathe easier...for good. The procedure is called balloon sinus dilation

"It dilates the pathway, which is made out of bone, so it actually remodels the bone," Dr. Kuppersmith said.

Forget expensive hospital bills and lengthy recovery from general anesthesia.

"We can actually do something under local in the office, similar to when you have a wisdom tooth removed."

Bettie Poehl suffered from chronic sinus congestion until having the procedure three months ago.

"We did several different medications and different things to try and the sore throat was still there and the breathing at night sounded horrible...and snoring," said Poehl.

She couldn't be happier with the results

"Everything's good. No headaches, I'm sleeping good. Breathing awesome."

Bettie says it changed her life and would recommend the procedure to anyone in her position.

It is important to note that balloon sinus dilation does not cure allergy problems. Rather, it is for patients that require antibiotics for sinus infections at least four-to-six times each year.