New Radio Station Launches in Bryan/College Station

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COLLEGE STATION - The radio landscape in Bryan/College Station is changing.

A new station, playing country music, goes on-air Friday afternoon. News 3 got a look at where Maverick 102.7 FM will call home.

Adam Drake scrolls through the music library on a computer. He mentions that most songs have multiple versions.

"There were so many that came in and we've got three versions of Red Solo Cup," said Drake, speaking of Toby Keith's party anthem. Which version will make air on the new Maverick 102.7 is still a mystery. One thing that isn't a mystery? Maverick will play country.

Drake, and his new morning co-host Mel Hering, are preparing for debut that's been months in the making. As new hosts of a new show on a new station, the nerves aren't showing, yet.

"I know Adam," explained Hering.

"I know what kind of great things we can do. I'm just more excited this time. I mean, it's the good, excited butterflies, deep down," she continued.

You might have noticed music already playing at 102.7 FM. They've been testing the signal strength and sound quality. Friday afternoon, they officially sign on the air. Monday morning, Drake and Hering start their morning show.

The two will take up residence in the old Peace 107 studio. That station has moved down the hall to a newer studio. Maverick's permanent home is still being built, but it has one heck of a view. Overlooking Highway 6, the studio will join Candy 95, 1150 the ZONE and WTAW facing the main highway.

Crowded with boxes now, Drake says they know the market they're coming in to is crowded as well.

"I think it's coming into just the right time of country music," said Drake. He explained that he and Hering are on the younger side of the demographics, both relating to the music and their new listeners.

"We're definitely going to be able to push and relate a lot more to the college students than maybe anyone else," he explained.

Don't expect any big gimmicks from these two, though. They say they're ready to get back on-air and do radio the way they've always wanted to.