New Restaurants, Rooftops And Businesses Coming To Bryan's East Side

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New restaurants, rooftops and businesses are coming to Bryan's east side.

It's a growing community with new conveniences coming too.

Bryan's east side is seeing a boom of growth as apartments, restaurants and hotels come to life.

"We can't survive without growth," said David Baumann, who lives in the Tiffany Park neighborhood off Copperfield Drive.

Baumann thinks the growth is good, despite growing pains and widening work on University Drive.

"Of course being old and liking a little smaller towns I kind of, sometimes the growth and all the hassles that goes along with it and stuff is not a whole lot of fun. I'm glad we've got it and we need it and we need Bryan to grow and of course College Station too," Baumann said.

A new Chick's restaurant and gas station are being built at Highway 6 and Briarcrest Drive as well as a new hotel.

On University Drive a 4 story Hilton Garden Inn is coming to Bryan's east side.

Bryan Economic Development Director Kevin Russell expects to see more on the east side soon.

"If you continue to go south there's all the vacant land between the current where Discount Tire is, all the way to almost University. So there's quite a bit of property in there," Russell said.

"It's just nice living here. We've enjoyed it," said Baumann.

New places to stay, eat, and visit coming your way soon.

The new hotel along with the Chick's Restaurant and gas station at Briarcrest Drive and Highway 6 should open by summer.

The new Hilton Garden Inn recently started construction.

More development plans are in the works including a senior living center, more restaurants and a Scott & White Healthcare Clinic.