New Rules, Less Officers For Chilifest 2013

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Law enforcement is having to work extra hard this year during Chilifest because of a lack of officers.

The annual two day event started today, and tens of thousands of people are making their way to Snook to take part.

"We are a little bit short on officers. We usually have around 90 officers and we have 75 this year,” said Constable Dennis Gaas with Burleson County Precinct 2.

Because of another event this weekend where police are needed, law enforcement numbers are down for Chilifest, but the number of attendees isn’t.

"This year is an up year. Having more people come out is always good to give back more to the community and more to the charities,” said Paul Fletcher, an event organizer for Chilifest. "I have seen a lot of beer out here. It is by the truck load. It's a good time, lots of fun and for a good cause."

Gaas says they will be stricter this year.
For instance, what could arguably be called a Chilifest tradition -throwing beer cans and toilet paper- won’t be allowed this year.

Gaas says this year you'll get a citation or be kicked out of the event.

"When the beer cans go up, they have to come down and we have them hitting people in the head. We just can't allow that anymore,” said Gaas.

Gaas says parking is the biggest problems his officers face.

"Instead of being the designated driver as one who doesn't drink, it's the designated driver that goes to get the car. It bottlenecks everything at the main entrance,” Gaas said.

Law enforcement will be rerouting folks to make sure parking runs smoothly.