New Traffic App Helps Guide Football Fans

Texas A&M's home opener against Lamar University is just three days away and with seating for another 24,000 fans this year, a new traffic app designed by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute will be put to the test.

Win or lose, the one thing you can always count on on Game Day is traffic and lots of it, but for those determined to get to the game, there's an app for that. It's called Destination Aggieland and was built to help Aggies find the best way to and from the game.

On the app, you can also find traffic information, exit routes, entry paths, and information about parking as well as shuttle bus routes, game day information and a Kyle Field seating chart.

Tim Lomax with Texas A&M Transportation Institute says they key is to download it prior to game day. "It was really designed around the idea that we are not going to have cell service with 106K people. If you download the app, you will get all the maps that will be there whether you have cell service or not," says Lomax.

It's an app these Aggie football fans say they are going to add to their phones.

Mitch Evans says he's going to use it first chance he can, and Meagan Smith says, " I think it is needed in some circumstances, yes that would definitely help."

If knowledge is power, then having a plan to get around the traffic on game day will only enhance your game day experience.

Also, something to remember, Wellborn Road will be converted to four lanes going southbound from the stadium to 2818 for about two hours. The first chance to drive toward Highway 6 will be at Southwest Parkway.