New Underpass Project Wrapping Up On Wellborn Road

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Congestion is getting better for a busy corner of the Texas A&M campus.

This weekend construction crews opened up part of the new pedestrian and driving underpass at Wellborn Road and Old Main Drive near the Albritton Bell Tower.

The northern half of the pedestrian walkway already is staying busy with pedestrians and bicyclists passing through while the southern section will open in September.

The underpass makes for a safer route for travelers down Old Main Drive with drivers, walkers, and bicyclists able to travel underneath the train track now.

"This is actually my first time to come through here. It's a lot nicer than I was expecting it to be compared to the one that's on the other side there, but it's really nice. I like it. It's definitely better than having to cross the street, waiting on the lights, waiting on the trains," said Rebecca DuPont, a Texas A&M Student.

The entire project cost more than $26 million.

Work started in November of 2011.