New Year Rings In 600 New Laws To Texas

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COLLEGE STATION- A new year is bringing in new laws to Texans; six-hundred to be specific. For residents in the Brazos Valley, these laws are shaking up the way some people live.

It's now illegal statewide for anyone under 18 to catch some rays at a tanning salon. 2014 is setting a new precedent for salons for safety reasons.

"I was very surprised they passed that law," said the manager of Solaris Tan in College Station, Brianna Harwell. She says the new law will hurt business and her customers under 18 are upset.

"Most of the girls are upset," Harwell said. "It's kind of a bummer to hear that even if you have been tanning you will have to stop."

These new laws are even changing lives. Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are now able to use service animals in public settings like hotels and restaurants.

You can expect to pay more for bar drinks thanks to another new law. A mixed drink now comes with an 8.25 percent tax.