New Yorkers Choosing Between 2 visions for City

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NEW YORK (AP) - Bill de Blasio says he'll bring what he calls "fundamental progressive change" to the New York mayor's office if he's successful in today's election.

The Democrat spoke as he voted this morning. He's been up by nearly 40 percentage points in every survey, leading up to today's contest against Republican Joe Lhota. De Blasio's agenda includes a tax increase on the wealthy to pay for universal pre-kindergarten. He's also pledging better police-community relations.

Despite the polls, his Republican rival told reporters this morning that he's "very optimistic" about the race.

Lhota is a onetime deputy mayor to Rudolph Giuliani. He has vowed that he will largely continue the policies of Michael Bloomberg, who has served as mayor for the past 12 years. The policies helped make New York one of the nation's safest and most prosperous big cities, but they also may have contributed to the city's widening income equality gap.