New Air Jordans Cause Shopping Frenzy at Post Oak Mall

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It's not a sale at the Mall in College Station but something else...

Dozens of people were camping out at the Post Oak Mall early Friday morning for the new line of Air Jordan shoes.

They went on sale at 5 A-M.

Ashlee Leyva (Lay-vuh) came all the way from Baytown to pick up a pair of the basketball shoes as a surprise Christmas present for her boyfriend and was first in line.

She thought she'd have a better chance here than fighting the Houston crowds for this event which is reminiscent of Black Friday.

"Everybody wants them and the Houston area, Baytown, all the malls are crowded there's cops everywhere people have been camping out for days. My friends from College Station told me there's nobody over here so we drove this way," she said.

And in case you were wondering...the shoes retail at 175 dollars.