New Details about Man Behind Wheel of Upside Down Pickup Truck

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We're learning more about the man DPS troopers say rolled the pickup truck he was driving and left the scene of an accident over the weekend.
Investigators don't believe the truck's owner is the man who was behind the wheel.

Can you imagine what it was like living along FM 1179 in 1968?

"Oh, very quiet. We were really out in the country," said Brazos County resident, Laverne Ondrasek.

"The quiet" is why Laverne and her husband built this house in rural Brazos County.

Ondrasek said, "You don't see very many people and it's just quiet and we like that."

That's not the case anymore.

Ondrasek said, "It says 60, but you should go about 50."

You can still see the skid marks on the asphalt, but DPS Troopers say it was alcohol, not speed, that most likely contributed to this recent rollover.

Ondrasek said, "It was too close for comfort."

Laverne saw all of it-- the upside down truck, first responders and flashing lights from her dining room window.

"I saw this car parked in the driveway and I thought, well what is going on, so I went to the window and looked and I saw the truck upside down and I thought, what on earth, said Ondrasek. "We wondered why the ambulance wasn't out there, you know? Thinking, you know, if somebody was hurt."

An ambulance did show up, but was turned away as investigators say the driver of the totaled pickup fled the scene.

Ondrasek said, "We were just wondering...was the person drunk or what, since he didn't want to be identified."

Some neighbors say they saw the suspect, described as a Hispanic man, walking through pastures behind people's homes...but he's still considered missing in action.

DPS Troopers will be speaking with the truck's owner whose listed on the insurance.
Meantime, a witness told investigators they smelled alcohol on the suspect after checking on him after the accident.