New Rules on Bulk Mail Could Give Business Owners A Boost

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The United States Post Office is changing its rules on bulk mail to give business owners a break. It could also boost the bottom line for the post office in the process. This could all lead to more junk mail in your mailbox.

Companies can now send out advertisements without using exact names and addresses. This reduces cost for businesses and eliminates the need to buy mailing lists for marketing campaigns.

"When we have private sales, warehouse clearance, parking lot sales, tent sales, whatever the case may be," said Chuck Moreau. "It is definitely a market that we pursue."

Moreau says bulk mail helps him bring customers into his stores.

"We can choose ages, we choose zip codes," said Moreau. "We can choose house values."

The new rules could help him sell even more home décor.

"If we are campaigning to go into a new area, and we are researching that demographic, this may be a very helpful tool for us to campaign in an entire city and see what kind of response we get."

Regardless of how much the post office charges for mailing lists, some business are abandoning direct-mail advertising.

"We sent out 7,000 mailers and did not get a response from them," said Bill Barker, general manager for an RV dealership.

He says he could not reel in customers with bulk mail, even when there was a chance at a brand new RV.

"You had to be present to win, we probably had 100 people show up," said Barker.

He says the problem stems from the amount of mail, customers already receive.

"Unless, it is a particular something that they are interested in, they often times don't open it," said Barker.

Still, an eye catching envelope may be all some business need to keep customers coming in the door.

Recipients can still opt out of receiving mail with a simplified address by notifying the business.