News 3 Looks Into New Black Panther Nation After Protest In Hearne

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HEARNE - The investigation continues into the shooting death of a 93-year-old Hearne woman.

Pearlie Golden was shot and killed by Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem after officials say they were called to her home Tuesday night when she was threatening a relative with a revolver.

The calls for justice in the shooting the elderly woman by a Hearne Police Officer are also creating a bit of controversy because of the group leading those calls.

Quanell X was a long-time leader of the New Black Panther Party, which some consider to be a hate group.

News 3 was at the protest in Hearne and looks into the activist's new role as a leader in the New Black Panther Nation.

The face of the protest was Activist Quanell X, the long time leader of the New Black Panther Party which civil rights organizations have called a hate group.

But Quanell X says he is now a member of the New Black Panther Nation.

"We believe in standing up and and mobilizing and organizing for those who don't have a voice, for those who don't know how to organize," said Quanell X.

Mark Potok with the The Southern Poverty Law Center is an expert on hate groups and spoke with us about the New Black Panther Party.

"It's a blacks-premises group. In effect it is very anti-Semitic, very anti-white and very anti-gay. In fact it has almost nothing in common with the original Black Panther Party which has described the new Black Panther Party as a racist hate group," said Potok.

Potok says they don't know as much about the Black Panther Nation, which Quanell X is now associated with.

"The New Black Panther Nation is rather a different group or at least moving in a much more moderate direction," Potok said.

"We don't teach our people to hate and we cannot because hate will heat us up," said Quanell X.

Quanell X wouldn't tell us how many of his members were in attendance.

But we are told the protest was organized by local Hearne residents.