News 3's Shane McAuliffe Wraps Up H-E-B Slim Down Showdown

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It's been a life changing summer for News 3's Shane McAuliffe.

Shane and his wife, News 3's Meredith Stancik-McAuliffe welcomed a baby girl in August and a summer dedicated to getting healthy has changed the way he looks.

His weight loss is all part of a state wide competition put on by H-E-B and the winner takes home $10,000.

It's a program you can be a part of and it's something Shane says he firmly believes in.

"The past three and a half years have been an incredible time in my life. In 2009, I married the love of my life but it wasn't long after that I started to notice my lifestyle was turning me into something I didn't like," said Shane.

Fast forward to 2012 and the next thing I knew, I was 60 pounds heaver, weighing in at 340 pounds. A palette for pizza, burgers, and cheap wine had caught up to me. Getting in my truck was tough, putting on clothes was depressing, and when the doctor told me my blood pressure was sky high, I questioned my own well being," said Shane.

"With the upcoming arrival of Meredith and my first child, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to be an example for our daughter and it was then that I first heard about the H-E-B Slim Down Showdown," said Shane.

"I applied and was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the program and on June 14th, it started. 25 people from all over the state went to the H-E-B headquarters in San Antonio where we learned about nutrition and exercise. It was then that I realized this was something different. It wasn't a diet, a pill, or a miracle. It was simple. This was a lifestyle change," said Shane.

"Over the summer, I worked hard and ate right. I learned about moderation. I didn't say no to bad foods, I just don't eat them as often. I've counted calories, welcomed a baby girl, enjoyed a glass of wine here and there and then worked out some more," said Shane.

"After three months, I feel and look better. My blood pressure is back to normal and I can now jog 5 miles in a little over an hour. The best part for me is knowing our daughter Ireland will have her Dad around for that much longer. The H-E-B Slim Down Showdown has changed my life. It's an incredibly rewarding program that has shown me what it takes to be healthy and now it's your turn," said Shane.

This Sunday the H-E-B Slim Down Showdown finale will take place in San Antonio and H-E-B will crown the champion of the slim down with a $10,000 grand prize. How will Shane do? We'll let you know Sunday night. In the meantime, if you'd like a sign up for the next Slim Down Showdown contest, we've got a link to the application below and those applications are due by October 21st.