Noose Found Hanging from Sons of Confederate Veterans Billboard Near Brenham

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Whether you are traveling East or West -- U.S. Highway 290 is a busy, well-traveled highway. And along the way you'll find attractive, eye-catching billboards with a message. But if you take a closer look -- you'll find there is more that meets the eye.

"I think it’s very disrespectful. It's not right," said Jeff, a utility worker.

The billboard that reads, "Southern Born, Texas Proud," promotes Sons of Confederate Veterans, or SCV, with a “Learn About Your Heritage” message, along with contact information for the organization.

A Chappell Hill business man, who is also a lifetime member of Sons of Confederate Veterans personally donated the billboards to the national SCV organization. He alerted authorities Wednesday afternoon after noticing a noose dangling from the confederate flag.

"My great grandfather fought in the confederate war, and several peoples grandparents' fought in the confederate war. Yes we know the war was between the North and the South and it was over slavery, but that's, I mean that's ridiculous," added Jeff.

How the noose got there is one question authorities are trying to figure out -- but more importantly -- why?

"They had to do some serious climbing to get up there to tie that up and drape it on the side," added Jeff.

It is unclear what time the crime occurred but what Washington County Sheriff's Officials do know is whoever is found responsible is facing serious consequences.

“We're not living in a world like that anymore and we shouldn't be thinking about living in a world like that,” said Jeff.

Members of the organization are appalled, calling it an act of vandalism -- and plan on having both nooses removed. Washington County Sheriff's are investigating the criminal mischief.