Normangee Middle School Sustains Extensive Flood Damage After Heavy Rains

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Normangee, TX Normangee Middle School in Leon County is drying out and being cleaned up after heavy rains backed up drain pipes inside, flooding the school.

It also caused a two hour delayed start for the district Monday.

News 3 went inside for a look at the damage which could top six figures.

It's a soggy start to the school week in Normangee.

About an inch and a half of water flooded almost all of the school Saturday.

"So in here see the drains? So wherever there was a floor drain that's where the water came up," said Wendee Binford, the Normangee Middle School Principal.

She says it's been hectic.

"Not a normal Monday. One of my teachers came up yesterday afternoon to cleanup after the Halloween dance that we had this weekend. And she discovered that we had a flooding or a flooding from the rain Saturday," Binford said.

All 120 students here at Normangee Middle School had to go to other campuses because of the damage. Only three classrooms were not affected.

While the library was being cleaned out and carpet ripped up, water also damaged a small portion of the middle school gym's hardwood floors.

"You can see it starting to roll so this will have to be replaced at some point," said Jerry Burger, the Normangee ISD Superintendent.

While they do have insurance, he says the total damage could be up to $100,000.

"The cleanup part will be done maybe tomorrow or Wednesday then we'll have to come back and do some sheet rock and carpet work and some different areas, specialty areas," he said.

Randy Cummings is an estimator with Gerloff Company Inc., a catastrophe management company from San Antonio that specializes in schools.

"Wherever they have the affected carpet, that's what's going to start to smell the worst and we want to get that out as quick as we can and basically start cleaning and sanitizing everything," said Cummings.

"Tomorrow is just going to be regular schedule and that the kiddos will be in those rooms in the high school still on campus, on district campus just not in the middle school building," explained Wendee Binford.

Classes continuing, but not at the middle school possibly until Friday or next week.

Classes for the district will start at their normal time Tuesday and school buses will also run on their regular schedule.

Middle school students should report to the school cafeteria at the start of the day.

The school's insurance company is expected to survey the damage Tuesday.