Normangee Police Chief, Resident Arrested on Federal Charges

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NORMANGEE The Normangee police chief and a suspected meth dealer were arrested on federal charges during a raid Tuesday afternoon, according to DPS Troopers.

State Troopers aren't releasing many details about the investigation, but the news is traveling fast in the Leon County town.

"Meth is the rumor I've heard. Around the town, a lot of young people are doing it, you know," said Ronnie Harris.

State Troopers confirmed they raided a property on Church St. as part of a long-term investigation.

Normangee Police Chief Jody Navarro was arrested on federal charges along with the property owner, Joshua Thomas.

Thomas is charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Witnesses say he was arrested as he was pulling out of his house Tuesday afternoon.

Troopers haven't said what Chief Navarro is charged with, but they say it had something to do with computer access, not drugs.

Navarro was appointed police chief less than a month ago, but he had been an officer with the department for four years.

Investigators searched Thomas' home for several hours, but they reportedly did not seize any meth. Normangee residents say Thomas ran a trucking company on his property.

It is still an ongoing investigation, according to State Troopers.