Bryan Neighborhood Holds 50th Annual 4th of July Parade

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BRYAN Dozens of people came together Thursday for the 50th annual 4th of July parade in the North Oakwood neighborhood in Bryan.

"It's not just a holiday from school or work. It's something a little bit more important," said Louise Sharp.

Sharp founded the annual parade with her husband Sam in 1963. Sam passed away last year, but Louise - and several other families in the neighborhood - are keeping the tradition alive.

The parade, and people, have changed over the years, but the reason for spending the holiday together in Crescent Park remains the same.

"It was like a neighborhood. We don't have many neighborhoods anymore," said Sharp.

Sharp says another thing that has faded over the years is a strong sense of patriotism, and the parade is a chance to remind the community of it's importance.

"It's one of my favorite holidays," said 7-year-old Piper Jones.

"It's the celebration of our country's birthday. And I think that's wonderful," said Joy Davison, a long-time participant in the parade.

The parade route is only one lap around the park. It ends, appropriately, on Fourth Street in Bryan.

"You can use the word hokey if you want to, or any other term. But maybe someone will realize that patriotism matters," said Sharp.