North Zulch Fire Destroys Home, Claims Family Pet

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It was a place the Evans family called home; but that all changed Christmas night.

“Everything was on fire and fire was coming out of the top of the house and coming out of the windows in the back bedroom,” sad North Zulch resident Joyce Evans.

Joyce and Dale Evans watched as a solid foundation filled with years of hard work and memories became victim to a raging fire.

“ It was just utter helplessness; just sitting their knowing there was nothing you could do but sit there and watch it burn,” Evans said.

The Evans' say they weren't inside the home on Jenkins Road at the time of the fire.

"We had went to my daughter's to play a board game that they got for Christmas and when we came home we saw that the house was on fire,” added Evans.

But the Evans say Missy -- the family dog was home -- holding down the fort.

“We had a little dog for 10 years and she didn't make it out alive.” Said Dale Evans. “She was under the bed,” cried Joyce. But they got her out and we buried her under the oak tree.”

Reality settled in Thursday afternoon as the Evans' family watched the embers simmer while trying to figure out how it all began...

“It had heat strips in the ceiling for heating and so the fire department thinks that might have been the cause

The couple says they were just a few days shy of making their final mortgage payment; but with 42 years of memories burned to the ground -- the Evans family is left with nothing.

“ It was hard starting over, but having God in our lives gives us the faith that there is something better on the other side of this and that he's going to take care of this,” said Evans.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

If you would like to help the family out, you can make a donation at The First Bank of Madisonville for “Dale and Joyce Evans.” Donations can be made at any of the following locations: Franklin, Crockett, Madisonville and Huntsville. You can also send clothing or any other items to Darla Evans at: P.O. Box 205 North Zulch, Texas 77872.