Northgate Surface Lot Parking Becoming Free During Lunchtime

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Parking in Northgate during lunchtime will be a little easier on your wallet with new free parking.

College Station City Staff recommended free parking on the surface lots to encourage more people to head that way during the day.

This agreement has been in the works for about three months now with the rates being approved by the College Station City Manager.

Local businesses are hoping to see more customers around lunchtime now.

There are plenty places to park during the day in this Northgate parking lot, but local businesses are hoping that will change.

You now have to pay to park here but soon these spaces will be free from 11 A.M. To 2 P.M.

Chris Weingart is the co-owner of the new Blackwater Draw Brewing Company which is preparing to open on Boyett Street.

"One of the biggest concerns when we opened up this place is definitely parking during the lunch hours. You're competing against people all over town, that just have huge dedicated lots that you don't have to worrying about paying," said Weingart.

Thursday night the College Station City Council was briefed on the changes that will include doubling the game day rate in the city parking garage from $10 to $20 to cover parking shortfalls.

"It's always good when the city staff and the Northgate District Association can work together to come up with a solution that kind of benefits everybody," said Chris Scotti, who is the Executive Director of the Northgate District Association.

"The city came to us with a shortfall and actually worked with us with some creative ways to to increase revenue, but at the same time encourage more customers to come to Northgate," he added.

"It's great to hear something positive on parking come about. Usually when you here news on parking, it's not good news," said Chris Weingart.

The new rates will be going into effect August 19th.

The City Council did not take any action on the rates Thursday but accepted the presentation from city staff.

Making the parking free on the Northgate surface lot for lunch will cost the city an estimated $23,800 per year.