Northgate, A&M Construction Projects Winding Down as Students Return

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It's the final countdown for two major construction projects in College Station as Texas A&M students start classes on Monday, and some work is still not finished.

In Northgate some construction may need to get completed by one week from Thursday.

That's when there could be some partying as A&M plays on TV against Louisiana Tech.

Students will be welcomed back next week to construction in Northgate and by Rudder Tower but we're told both projects are running on schedule and will be finished before the Aggies take on Florida in two weeks.

Everyone we spoke with says they are glad to see the work winding down.

There seems to be no escaping the construction on so many corners of the Texas A&M campus with the final push to finish the Northgate pedestrian improvement project and Koldus Plaza renvoations by G. Rollie White and Rudder Tower.

In days thousands of people will be flocking to Northgate for a new semester and the Aggie Fan Zone on Football Saturdays.

Texas A&M Senior Jacob Woelmer has seen so many changes in the past four years.

"It's easier to get to class it is kind of annoying when it's going up but I especially like this new bike route they have that'll be nice," said Woelmer, a civil engineering student.

"Yes sir I walk this way every single day," said Texas A&M Junior Ashton Randon.

Randon has been been surrounded by construction all summer long here.

"I like the walkways, I like the boundaries they make walking on the side much safer, think Northgate is going to be a more beautiful place. It's gonna be nicer than it is now. I just can't wait 'till they finish," said Randon an electrical engineering student.

Businesses like The Potato Shack saw a drop in customers this summer with their parallel parking gone and access limited.

"At the beginning it was really, really bad all the construction you couldn't even find a place. It's gotten better so far more people can walk through now but I think it's still not great," said Genesis Cruz, a cashier here.

Over on campus it's the last two weeks to finish Koldus Plaza and Joe Routt Boulevard, turning the street in front of Kyle Field into a pedestrian and bicycle area

"I saw the plans that they have for the new walkway it looks really nice. I know that area gets a lot of traffic so it looks lot of pedestrian traffic so it's pretty nice," said Woelmer.

And here in Northgate the improvements are on track to wrap up at the end of the month while the Koldus Plaza improvements by Kyle Field are expected to finished a couple days before the Florida Gators come to town for football on September 8th.

The Northgate safety improvements along University Drive are part of a $3.7 million TxDOT project, while the Koldus Plaza and Joe Routt Boulevard improvements on the A&M campus add up to $1.9 million and are part of the Memorial Student Center renovation project.