Northgate Improvements, Underpass Construction Ramping Up

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Construction chaos is ramping up along Northgate and Wellborn Road now that school is out at Texas A&M.

Wellborn Road and University Drive are changing a little bit every day with some headaches in the meantime.

There seems to be no escaping it around this corner of the Texas A&M campus.

Construction is painfully loud at times and hard not to notice for travelers like Texas A&M Senior Victoria Rodriguez.

Getting to the post office at Houston Street is challenging enough.

"I didn't even park in a parking spot it's just kind of on the side of the road," joked Rodriguez.

The 30 minute parking she'd normally go to is expected to reopen Monday.

Meanwhile bicyclist Nicole Edwards is looking forward to the $3.7 million pedestrian improvements coming to Northgate with wider sidewalks and more pedestrian and bicycle space.

"Which is nice because cars definitely don't see bikes so that'll be a lot safer," said Edwards, a Texas A&M Senior.

A new look is coming to Wellborn Road as the bridges begin to be built for a new underpass.

A computer rendering of what Old Main Drive and Wellborn Road illustrates what it will look like. Commuters will have a safer time with the plan that includes a railroad bridge over Old Main.

"It's a little crazy all the construction they have on campus right now. So much going on at once," added Victoria Rodriguez.

Signs of change for a society constantly on the go.

The Northgate pedestrian improvement project is expected to be completed by August.

Meanwhile the $34 million Wellborn Road and Old Main underpass project is expected to be completed by January.