Northwest Mississippi College Wins The Brazos Valley Bowl

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Hundreds of fans were out at Kyle Field not to watch the Aggies, but be a part of history.

It was the Kilgore Rangers against the Northwest Mississippi Rangers.

Fans from Mississippi, made a long trip to support their team.

"The true die hard fans that they have would make that long 12 hour bus ride here for support. Even though we are small in numbers. We are deep in heart and spirit," said Mike Dottery.

But the Northwest rangers were outweighted by the hundreds of fans on the Kilgore side.

David Raffield is a former Kilgore Ranger and says he couldn't miss the game.

"The Rangers are going to do a tremendous job and play hard good clean football. They're well coached and I think they're excited to watch," said Raffield.

During half-time many people had their eyes on the famous Kilgore Rangerettes as they danced a jazz routine and lined up for high kicks.

Fans on each side of the field were in high gear.

Despite who won the game, most fans say it was an honor to be a part of the first Brazos Valley Bowl at the Home of the 12th Man.