Number of Human West Nile Cases Rising in Brazos County

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Officials at the Brazos County Health Department say there are now eight human cases of West Nile in Brazos County.

Four of the eight cases were diagnosed in August.

"There is never a perfectly 100% safe time, unless its 40 or below temperature-wise and we hardly get that in Texas, so its just one of those things. You want to be cautious one way or the other about that," said Mike Johnsen, Brazos County Health Department.

The Health Department has some recommendations to prevent mosquito bites:

*Avoid being outside at dusk and dawn, because that's when mosquitoes are most active
*Wear long sleeve shirts and pants
*Drain standing water around the house, because that attracts mosquitoes
*Wear insect repellent when outdoors

Gina Garza, a Bryan resident, says she's very cautious, especially after they though her son had contracted West Nile.

"I think it was Dakota, he caught a fever as we were just like, "Oh goodness, I hope its not West Nile."...we spent a day in the ER but luckily it wasn't," said Garza.

Garza says she worries about her kids every time they go outside.

"We put the Off on just to avoid the bugs but other than that we don't stay out here long," said Garza as she watched her kids play at Sue Haswell Park in Bryan.

Other people at the park Wednesday also said they were wearing bug spray, because of all the positive West Nile cases.

People like Brandon Luster know West Nile is out there, but it doesn't stop him from enjoying a nice day outside with his family.

"I'm going to still come out here...until they close it down i guess," said Luster.

The State Health Department says there were 1,338 human cases of West Nile and 61 deaths reported in Texas as of Sept. 19.