Numerous Brazos Valley Residents Stuck On Board Carnival Cruise Ship "Triumph"

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A Carnival Cruise ship crippled after an engine room fire Sunday morning is getting closer to land.

3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members are stuck on board the Triumph that is being towed to Mobile, Alabama.

And a number of people from this area are on board.

A number of people from Texas A&M including the director of the Singing Cadets, Mays Business School Assistant Dean, and even Aggie Swimmer Cammile Adam's mom are stuck on the Carnival Triumph.

What was to be a normal four day cruise has turned into a vacation free of fun.

It's a vacation folks on the Carnival Triumph Cruise ship may just as soon forget.

They've been stranded at sea following an engine fire Sunday that crippled the ship.

Four couples from First Baptist Church in Bryan are among a number of local residents on board including A&M Singing Cadets Director David Kipp.

David Gusewell is an Associate Pastor at First Baptist and Business Manager and heard from members Monday.

"We heard from them, but then of course we heard the reports last night on the news that conditions had deteriorated. So we are kind of in a mode of just praying for them now and we understand the boat's being towed to Alabama," said Gusewell.

Robert Foley of North Zulch hasn't heard from his wife since he got a text message Sunday. Faleice is on the cruise with several friends.

"It's very disconcerting right now. I really don't know what to do. They're going to be towed into Mobile, Alabama then flown to Houston and somehow have to go down to Galveston to get their cars," said Foley.

He says he's frustrated he hasn't heard more directly from Carnival, but has heard back after calling their hotline.

"They said everybody was fine, but then I saw on television that people aren't fine they have to use, the toilets aren't working. They have to urinate in the showers. I think it's becoming a health issue," he added.

"If you're on an inside middle cabin you've taken your mattress out on the deck. You're sleeping outside. It's not a pretty picture," said Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor.

"We know God's with them and carrying them through this situation," said David Gusewelle.

The ship has been averaging at around three knots and it's being pulled by tug boats and is expected to dock in Mobile, Alabama sometime Thursday.

No passengers or crew members were injured and the fire was contained Sunday.

And although it might be the last thing they're thinking about right now, all passengers will be getting full refunds and travel vouchers for a future cruise.

No word yet on what caused the fire in the engine room.

The National Transportation Safety Board is also starting its own investigation into the incident.

Concerned family and loved ones of guests and crew may call 1-888-290-5095 or 1-305-406-5534