Nursing Home Owner Arrested on Felony Charges *Update*

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A Bryan business owner who has been operating several nursing homes in Brazos County is arrested after being accused of lying under oath. Police say 46-year-old Rose Munoz Rodriguez was arrested on five felony counts early Friday morning. The Bryan business owner has been under investigation in Brazos County for quite some time after she reportedly continued operating nursing homes without a proper license.

"In the end I know justice will be served and God is on the side of those who are right," said neighbor Anita Ramay.

For the last several years Anita Ramay said trouble with her neighbor has caused quite the heartache.

"I'm glad something has happened," added Ramay. "We've been dealing with this for three years and we just want some closure."

Ramay lives across the street from the Rose Home; a nursing home where Rodriguez, the administrator, has been accused of operating without proper permits and hiring employees with criminal backgrounds--but it is not Ramay's life that she is concerned about.

"We've heard the screams from the people yelling at them to not touch them," added Ramay. "

It is the elderly patients who are being cared for at the nursing homes that Ramay says are being mistreated and abused. Over the last year, many residents who had relatives living at the Rose home have attempted to expose the alleged lack of care at the Rose Home to city council members.

In July 2010 the Bryan City Council unanimously decided to give the Rose Home a conditional use permit which allowed them to continue operating since the facility was considered a "nursing home." However, in order to continue operating with the permit, administrators were ordered to get a license from the state of Texas within one year.

Police say a warrant was issued for Rodriguez; she was arrested Friday morning on three counts of perjury, tampering with evidence, and property theft over $1,500.

According to the Eagle, "The three aggravated perjury charges stem from a deposition filed on January 3, 2011 in a civil case filed by Bryan attorney Fred Davis. The family of Danese Medders Maxwell, who lived at The Rose Home, accuses the nursing home owner of improperly caring for Maxwell. Maxwell developed two severe bed sores that weren't treated, and the family was not told about them, according to the suit. The family says Maxwell's adult son visited his mother daily and would question employees about a strong odor, only to have it explained away. The suit blames the poor care she received while living there for hastening her death."

Although the Rose Home in Bryan has been shut down-- it is believed there are more of these homes being operated across Brazos County.

News 3 has heard numerous reports of a home at the 100 block of West Villa Maria being operated by the Rodriguez family. We wanted to find out for ourselves if this home was connected to the Rodriguez family. Saturday afternoon we spoke to a Hispanic woman who answered the door. She said she lives at the home and cares for one elderly person under the employment of the Rodriguez family. During our stay, the woman further asked if "Rose" was in trouble.

News 3 spoke with Rodriguez over the phone Saturday afternoon-- She declined to comment.

Stay tuned to KBTX on-air and online. We will bring you more information on this story as it develops.