OSHA Fines Companies after A&M Equine Center Collapse

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COLLEGE STATION- June 22 2013 - tons of twisted metal became a crime scene when steel beams framing the Texas A&M Equine Center collapsed amid construction workers. After six months of investigation, OSHA officials now know why.

According to investigators, the collapse happened due to a series of infractions. Officials said the first beam fell when a worker released a rafter from a crane before the proper braces were connected. It was then that the other beams accordioned and the structure collapsed injuring workers, some of whom were in elevated positions.

Gamma Construction Company out of Houston is the lead contractor on the project. Senior Vice President Tom Hansen says the workers who were injured were employees of Ramco Erectors, a subcontractor.

"I''m glad the guys are, I believe, getting better," Hansen said.

Both companies were issued serious citations. Ramco Erectors received seven penalties totaling $40,500. We reached out to them for comment, but did not get a response.

Gamma Construction Company only received one penalty with a fine of $6,300 dollars.

Hansen said the supervision hasn't changed since the collapse.

"We are continuing the safety program that we've had since day one, which we have people up there watching over it," Hansen said. "Our safety director is monitoring the job as he has the whole project."

Now, he said they are taking steps to keep accidents like this from happening again.