October Going Down As Wet Month For Brazos Valley

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Though the showers are causing some inconveniences, we are getting relief from the drought.

Burton Creek was flowing fairly swiftly Wednesday afternoon.

Recent rains had tree debris and brush stuck underneath the 29th Street Bridge.

But there are benefits that come with these storms.

October will be going down in the books as a very wet month as more than seven inches of rain fell across our area.

Tires were spinning and the mud flying Wednesday in College Station.

Contractors with a utility locating service managed to get a pickup and trailer stuck in the mud at F-M 2818 and Holleman Drive.

A tow truck was called out but a bit of man power got it rolling again.

Across the street Tina Lowe of College Station was filling up her car, grateful for the rain.

"I love it. I love it. I'd like for the temperature to drop just a little bit but I'm very grateful for the rain. We really needed it. My yard was dead," said Lowe.

"Actually in terms of drought conditions I think this part of the state is I think completely free," said David Coates, a Research Assistant for the State Climatologist at Texas A&M and a meteorologist.

"There's been several troughs that have brought a lot of rainfall to the eastern part of the state, and so they you know especially down in Southeast Texas. I mean a lot of places down there are completely removed from drought conditions entirely now," said Coates.

As we move towards an El Nino pattern there are hopes for a wetter winter.

But it's a little too soon to say.

"it's hardest to say exactly what's expected to occur here in Brazos County, but the outlook right now is at least fairly optimistic for some kind of improvement as we move into the fall season," Coates added.

In the meantime, residents like Tina Lowe hope it keeps coming just not on Halloween night.

"Yes sir, please bring us a little break in the rain for the trick or treaters," she said.

Meanwhile our area is still in a moderate drought but the State Climatologist's Office will take a look at the data again and recent rains Thursday.