Officials Investigate Threats Against Sen. Ted Cruz

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HOUSTON - The FBI and Capitol Hill police are investigating "threats" made against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter.

Profanity-laced threats were tweeted out late last week against the Texas Republican.

A Twitter user identified as "Army Vet 54" blamed Cruz for the government shutdown. He tweeted out a Houston address with the message: "Take Down Ted Cruz, at his home."

Reporters with WFAA checked, and that Twitter account no longer exists.

ABC News said the account traces back to Troy Gilmore Jr., who said he is an army vet who served during the Vietnam era.

Cruz was in San Antonio this weekend, promising to continue his fight against the Affordable Care Act. A businessman in El Campo, Texas created a unique message of support for Cruz using 1,200 foam cups in a fence forming the phrase: "WE NEED MORE REPUBLICANS LIKE TED CRUZ."