Officials: Kyle Field Grass Sells Like Hotcakes

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas The 100-yard battle field known as Kyle Field at Texas A&M University will soon be replaced, but not before the old field grass is sold.

Pallets of the Tifton Bermuda grass went up for pre-sale Monday morning, and A&M officials said sales have been good.

Senior Associate Athletics Director Jason Cook said about half the pallets were sold about thirty minutes after the sale kicked off.

"With Aggies, you're never surprised," said Cook.

A pallet of grass, or about 450 square feet, sold for $200, and a single square of grass sold for around $20.

The removal of the grass is part of the multi-million dollar redevelopment project for Kyle Field. Cook said the field will be lowered about eight to nine feet before the new grass is brought in. Cook said the lower field will improve some of the viewing angles from the stands.

"Also, by lowering the field, that allows us to keep a lot more of the sound in," said Cook.

Cook said the sound from fans trapped down on the field will become an added intimidation factor to the opposing teams.

A&M is no stranger to selling off items of old. Bricks from the now demolished G. Rollie White Coliseum were auctioned off for around $25 each, and items like team jerseys and shoes have been sold as well.

Cook said it's not about making money. He said when all is said and done, they'll make around $40,000 from the sales of Kyle Field grass.

"There's a lot of history, a lot of nostalgia within the stadium," said Cook. "So instead of it going in the trash, or into a closet, we thought we could share a lot of this history with fans."

Each buyer will also gets a guide to taking care of the grass and a certificate of authenticity signed by longtime Texas A&M fields manager Leo Goertz.

Cook said the grass will be removed after A&M plays Mississippi State in November.