Oklahoma Man Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault

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COLLEGE STATION An Oklahoma man is in jail after being arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a College Station woman.

30-year-old Brian Christopher Reed is being held without bond Friday afternoon. According to the police report, the victim was at a local bar Wednesday night when she and friend left after Reed apparently tried to touch her.

Once home, the friend helped the victim into bed because she was apparently very intoxicated.

Afterward, the friend allowed Reed and another man into her house to hang out. After about 30 minutes, Reed is said to have excused himself to use the restroom. Minutes later, the friend said she heard a scream from the victim's room.

When she rushed upstairs, the friend told police she saw Reed naked on top of the victim, who was visibly upset.

The victim was taken to the College Station Medical Center, where she met with investigators.

Reed was reportedly in town for work training.